The Liberty Approach to Correcting the Lawlessness Pandemic

Barry H. Durmaz
9 min readOct 26, 2020

Hello, Maximus,

I thought it better to reply by correspondence to your most recent text message. My motivation is to provide a meaningful reply to an emotional encounter with, Herodias.

Having been an employer myself, I can fully appreciate you coming to the defense of your loyal employee. I’m sure you are well aware of the maxim of business, “The customer is always right.” A lot of folks believe that, and I did, too.

However, after twenty-six years erecting and operating a business in Oregon, three years in business in Japan, and three years developing and managing the delivery service for Full Circle Farm, it is my observation, experience, and conclusion that the customer is not always right, nor is the proprietor always right — that would be to view them as a seeable lawgiver (idol). Rather, the truth (truth is a Person) is always right, and it is from that foundation I will share my view of reality.

What I know is that people are happy when all is well, money is in the bank, and one can do whatever one pleases to do with little to no regard for negative consequences. John Ray, the father of English natural history, said it like this,

“In a calm sea every man is a pilot.”

The Source of Problems

Problems and pressure are good because they reveal what is hidden on the inside of people. In other words, we really don’t know each other until problems manifest.

Our nation is being revealed for the true character it has, which is gross immaturity and debased character.

But our nation is made of individuals like yourself, myself, and Herodias. Whatever is wrong in the nation did not begin there. The character and conduct of the nation begin in the home. It’s an irrefutable law that when violated, breaks those individuals who are breaking that law of character and conduct. Hence, there exists all the complaining, moaning, manipulation, force, and threat of force.

In other words, as a student of history from the view that the one true God (Lawgiver) is ruling all things and overruling the deeds of wicked people, I know that not a single person is getting away with anything that is contrary…

Barry H. Durmaz

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